Our goal is simple – to end abortion in Indianapolis. No matter what party rules from Washington, D.C., no matter whether abortion is legal or illegal, it’s up to us to end abortion in our community! The killing only continues if we let it.

Affiliated Womens Services is Closed

Fantastic news!!!!  After 32 years of continuously destroying life, one of Indianapolis’ 4 abortion facilities has closed it’s doors for good! read more...

Abortions continue to decline in Marion County

The abortion numbers from the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) have just been released and it is good news for Marion County. Abortions have dropped 7.5% in the last year. read more...

Indiana Attorney General Files Suit Against Three Indianapolis Abortionists

Attorney General Greg Zoeller’s office today filed administrative licensing complaints with the Indiana Medical Licensing Board against four physicians for violations of abortion record-keeping and advice and consent laws. Three of the abortionists named in the Attorney General’s suit commit abortions in Indianapolis. read more...