Below is a list of all of the abortion facilites in Indianapolis. "Counseling" refers to the days that women visit the clinic for "counseling" prior to their abortion.

If you feel so called, please Take Action to end abortion in Indianapolis!

Clinic For Women

Address: 3607 W 16th St. #2B Indianapolis, IN 46218
Abortionists: Bowers, Walter II
Glover, Kathleen
Lumpkin, Houston III
Pasic, Resad
Robinson, Raymond
# per week: 1-5
Counseling: Wednesday
Days performed: Friday and Saturday

Georgetown Health Center- Planned Parenthood

# per week: 40-60
Counseling: Monday and Wednesday
Days performed:Tues, Thurs, Fri (Sat every o/ wk)

The Women's Med Center

# per week: 20-30
Counseling: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
Days performed: Thursday and Friday

IU Health

Address: 1001 West 10th St. Indianapolis, IN
Abortionist: Meng, Hua
# per month: 1-5
Days performed: ???